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Email: kd@kuntaldey.com

Phone (India): +91-9871388275 - I take calls between 8:30 AM and 10:30 PM IST, unless I have explicitly mentioned another time for calling me. I am available on this number round the year, except for exceptional circumstances.

Phone (USA): I have an USA number also, which will be made available to you on request, only if I believe you need it or I want to share the number with you personally because I want to.

Permanent address and current address: Available on request, only if I know you personally.

Please note that any form of spam is not entertained. Email spams may be reported, and may potentially attract legal steps including using the CAN-SPAM act. My phone numbers are on the do not call list for any promotional call, so if you are a marketer then your calls are not welcome unless I have explicitly authorized you in written - violations may attract strict legal actions. I do care about my privacy.